Page options don't save

Hi there,
I have a strange problem. On one of my pages built with muffin builder suddenly I am not able to save page options any more. (such that I cannot change custom css code or even select a slider).
On newly created pages it works fine.
If I create a new page and import the content via export/import function the problem persist.
I have reinstalled the theme and deactivated all plugins, this did not help.
Any suggestions from your side?


  • I figured out that a particular content block seems to cause this problem.
    I created a vertical list inside a 1/2 column. It used to work but now it seems to mess up something. When I remove the entire section containing this construct, everything is fine again.
    Please can you advise what is wrong with this code:

    [list icon="icon-money-line" image="" title="Zeit und Geld sparen" link="#" target="_blank" style="2"]Bei uns finden Sie Angebote, die Sie so im Internet nicht finden können. Und schneller geht's nicht, denn die Recherche haben wir für Sie schon erledigt.[/list]
    [divider height="30"]
    [list icon=" icon-search-line" image="" title="Unabhängig und transparent vergleichen" link="#" target="_blank" style="2"]Wir geben Ihnen einen transparenten Überblick von Preis und Leistung der Lagerraum-Anbieter in Ihrer Nähe. Damit Sie bequem vergleichen können.[/list]
    [divider height="30"]
    [list icon="icon-paper-plane-line" image="" title="Kostenlos und unverbindliche reservieren" link="#" target="_blank" style="2"]Sichern Sie sich hier gleich Ihren Lagerraum! Kostenlos und ohne Verpflichtung zur Miete.[/list]
  • the meantime I cannot reproduce this error anymore. Eventually a page is "frozen" and does not accept any settings in the page options... this is really sad... I hope you can help! thanks in advance
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    the problem is related with server`s settings. Please contact with hosting provider and tell him to increase max_input_vars variable.
  • You guys rock! that was it. Thanks so much. I really appreciate your great support :-)
  • Glad to hear that ;) You're welcome!
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