I started with the jeweler template and I want to tweak it.
I don't want the logo, but when I delete the sample logo I get the BE|THEME logo. I can't find a way to delete that logo

I also tried to type a text logo, but I can't tweak that logo. How can tweak a text logo. (e.g. size, color, font)

Last question: where can I tweak the logo in general. I I uploaded a png file but I want to make the spot for the logo a litte bigger. How can I do that

So in general the problem is: where can I tweak logo things?


  • Hi,

    1. You can remove logo completely with an extra css:
    #Top_bar #logo { display: none !important; }
    2. This can be done with an extra css also.

    3. Logo size can be changed under Theme options > Global > Logo > Advanced section.
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