background Mega menu image

I have your theme installed here:

When i put an image in the background of the Mega menu, pushes the menu far to the right when open. Why does it not stay as in the demo?
Also, is there a way to use a bigger logo without getting it cropped? Would be nice if the background of the menu bar adapted to the size of the logo. Is it possible?



  • The link above does not work. It gives 404 error. So please send us right link to page so we can have a look on it.
  • Hi,
    Didn't have yet the home page defined and could only view if loged in as admin.
    Can tou try now?
  • Ok, now we see your website. We tried to make some css and this is what you can do:

    1) For logo and menu background, please use below css:
    #Top_bar #logo { height: 110px !important; }
    #Top_bar:not(.is-sticky) .menu_wrapper #menu { margin-top: 30px; }
    #Top_bar .top_bar_right { height: 140px; }
    #Top_bar .top_bar_right:before { height: 140px; }
    #Top_bar a#search_button { top: 64px; }
    2) About submenu, this is how it works for menu with background image. But if you want to change submenu width, please use below css:
    @media only screen and (min-width: 1240px) { #Top_bar .menu > li > ul.mfn-megamenu-bg { padding-right: 58px !important; } }
  • Hello,
    works but still creates changes in the menus that do not look very good.
    Images below.

    Still, it would be possible to somehow be able to have a different version of the logo for the fixed top menu. I'm asking because, in most cases with a vertical logo, is not readable with small letters. Ideally, it would put another version of the logo.

    Thank youimage
  • To fix above issues, please use below css:
    #Top_bar .menu > li > a { padding-bottom: 35px; } #logo { height: 50px !important; }
    But unfortunately logo for sticky header can`t be different then regular. This is technically not possible. All you can do is remove logo from sticky header if you don`t like it.

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