Making a One-Page layout on Be|Book

Hey there,
I'm building another site with your theme (my company's on our 4th purchase and liking the theme and your support!) and I'm wanting to use the basic look of the Be|Book demo, but with a One-Page layout, so that most of the menu items just take you lower on the page. I know how to do this the old school way with hash signs (#), but I was thinking if I turned on the "One Page" option in Theme Options, that it would use the pages who have the homepage as their parent to populate that page.
I didn't see in the documentation how to set this up correctly without installing more demo content.
Any help is greatly appreciated!


  • sample site i'm working on now @
  • oh, so i think i was getting confused because another theme i'd been using had it set up where the one page sites were using individual pages to propagate the main page. in the sense that you would make a home page, then a separate about page, contact page, etc. and by changing their parent page to the home page it automatically appended those pages to the bottom of whatever was on the home page.
    all that to say, i think the One-Page option here just means you can title sections of the muffin builder and it adds the code to reference in the menu link.
    anyways, unless i've got anything wrong I think i've solved my own problem.
  • Hey Adam,

    with latest update we added new One Page feature with much nicer scroll. If you want to learn how to work with one page menu and sections, please take a look at

    We know you solved the problem but maybe above link will help you a lot in the future :)
  • Thanks for the follow up!
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