Logo elseif fails

All of a sudden, the logo has vanished after making a tiny edit to include header file. Nothing was changed within the logo div and php is working fine. Have you had this issue resolved yet? 


  • If logo vanished, it means you modified something in core theme files. If you don`t know what you broke, we recommend back to original theme files because we have no idea what you did exactly.
  • Muffin, 

    I edited the includes/header-top-area file to add an icon (simple)...changed no php code, then saved the file. That's when the logo vanished. So I put the original file back as suggested above prior to making the first comment. 

    mod_sec is off. Varnish is off. For some weird reason, mfn-1 is not working in the header logo php code. Any ideas why? Never had something like this happen before...
  • Ok but what icon you want to modify? What icon are you talking exactly? Please re-install theme files at all and then make a screenshot of what you would like to do and we`ll see if this is possible. If is, we`ll tell you how to do it exactly because we really can`t guess what you did and why logo is not working. As you can see on demo works and for other users as well so this must be related with your changes.

    Thanks for understanding!
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