WooCommerce pages and headers

Hey there,

I have a couple questions about the way WooCommerce interacts with page headers and menus:

- I'd like to turn on page headers only for WooCommerce categories & attribute archives. Is there a simple way to do this or will I need to do that by hand with CSS? Also, is there a way to stylize category pages?
- I'd like to use a different menu on all WooCommerce pages. Is there a way to set this or will I need to set it as the default and then specify the other menu on all the other pages?



  • Hi,

    1. Do you mean Subheader or what? Would be great if you can show us what you mean exactly on your site.

    2. This requires files customization and is not possible.

  • I do mean the subheader. I'd like to set up something on shop categories that has the name of the category and then a background image that's specific to the shop category, and hide the subheader on all other pages of the site.
  • Please send us example link to such woocommerce page so we can have a look on it and check if it's possible. But first, please activate subheader under Theme options > Header & Subheader > Subheader section.
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