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Need help speeding up website


My website is super slow. Could you give me some tips to speed it up?
I already optimized the images and installed the W3 Cache plugin.

Thank you


  • I tried doing this:

    14. Static CSS / Page speed

    We noticed that some of you got problems with page speed because of 2 very important theme files - style.php and style-colors.php. Files are responsible for most styles and colors on page. Those files contain some functions that are getting CSS from database but are in .php extension because this is the only way to load colors directly from muffin options/database. However if you finished your website and decided to do not change colors/styles from panel you can switch from .php files to .css files and your page speed will be improved.

    1. After finished website, please open YOUR style.php and style-colors.php files in your web browser. On our demo the example links are as follow: and and then get & copy whole content from both into style-static.cssfile on your FTP server.
    2. After first step, please go to Theme options > Getting started > General section and turn ON Static CSS button.

    After those changes, instead of .php files will be used only one file called style-static.css and in some cases it should improve page speed.

    But then I lose all my color/font settings and the footer disappears see attachment:



  • Hi,

    the only solution we can provide you already described above. There is nothing else what we can recommend except better hosting. Please read section about "Static css" once again because we are sure you did something wrong. Your website on screenshot looks like you created wrong file or the file where css should be is empty.
  • I finally succesfully used the static-css file and my website was way faster. Today I upgraded to the newest BEtheme version and now the static css doesn't work anymore. 
  • Also, the screen became wide, even though I did not change it. 
  • Probably your static files on FTP has been replace with files from package that are empty and that is the reason why it does not work. When you do update you should remember to do not modify files that has been modified and are important.

    How screens became to wide? Can you show us what you mean as we have no idea what are you talking about.
  • The 960px grid doesn't work anymore.
  • I managed to fix the style-static.css but the 960px still doesn't work
  • What exactly does not work? You mean that you are not able to turn ON 960px grid in Muffin options panel or what exactly? Because if this is what you mean, then please send us access to your dashboard on pm and we'll have a look on it.
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