Problems with Mega Menu?

Hey there,

I am having some real trouble with my menu. It was working before I tried to turn on the megamenu and now, for some reason, it isn't displaying at all. I see there's something in the responsive CSS that's setting display to "none" but even once I change that the menu's dropdowns and so on aren't functional. Other menus on other pages are similarly not appearing. Do you have any hints as to what might be going on?



  • Hi,

    if you look at you see that you have some JS errors in console which are not related with theme. We suggest to look for a problem our of the theme and definitely suggest to start from the plugins. Please also make sure that missing file exist on your server.

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    Oh, yes, it is an error with woocommerce. I uninstalled & reinstalled the plugin and still nothing, but even aside from that, I am curious as to why this issue would have shown up only after I attempted to use the megamenu?

    Also -- I think the problem I'm having with the menu is that some of the early media query files aren't kicking in -- it's trying to display as if it's for tablet or mobile instead of full size?
  • So you are saying that JS errors you got are related with WooCommerce itself? We are sorry but we can not agree with that as we use WooCommerce on sites just like thousands of other users and this problem does not exist. It means the problem is somewhere else. Maybe it's a conflict between different plugins? We suggest to look for a problem somewhere else because it's for sure not related with WooCommerce.

    That is also weird what you say about megamenu. Do you mean our built-in mega menu or megamenu plugin?
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