Header menu disappears in small windows

Hi great theme. Here is the temp site that is uploaded on:

I have a few questions.  My client wants a header that looks similar to this:

so I have got the logo big and now I have two problems:

1- the menu disappears when I go to mobile or small windows

2-how can I change font size on menu and is there anyway to make the background of the menu buttons colored?



  • Hi,

    you have maintenance mode activated and we can`t see your website. If you will activate website then we`ll be able to have a look on your issues.
  • ok it off for now.  normally I would have thought that you guys have a private section so I could just share login that way I dont have to expose the unfinished site to the rest of the world.
  • Ok we see the website now.

    1. As we see, menu on mobile do not disappear. It is on the left side as should be (this is how responsive menu looks like).

    2. To increase font size for menu items and make background color, please use below css:
    #Top_bar .menu > li > a span:not(.description) { font-size: 20px; }
    #Top_bar .menu > li { background: #E2E2E2; }
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  • when I try to click your avatar or nickname it just takes me to a page that says permission denied.  Also I don't think you understand what I mean about the menu disappearing.  I know about what it does normally.  Let me show you some screenshots.image
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    I was having similar issues. The menu icon would disappear completely if logged in as admin and would be on the left when it would display. There's a Betheme option called "Menu | Responsive Button | Sticky", turning this off fixed the issues I was having and put the mobile menu icon to the right.

    Looks like I need to override the css on the menu bar/logo + icon sticky the way I want.
  • @dv1070 We really don`t know how to help because as we see, you have menu what you can see at http://snag.gy/V3vBC.jpg

    @Atlantaseo1 we need more details with screenshot and url to your website.
  • a2na2n
    edited November 2014
    What happes is that the sticky mobile menu gets stacked behind the wp admin bar. Setting admin bar to display: none shows the Sticky mobile menu behind  it. This should be solved with classes checking for body.admin-bar and then applying the right margin / padding on top of the fixed menu bar and content.

    Also the scroll shakes some times when scrolling in this view (seems like a javascript thing).
  • @a2n Ok, we`ll think about it while future updates.
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