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hey, first of , a very nice Theme! Good job guys, i hope you keep improving it with new features! 

Is there a way to add a symbol in front of the counter or next to it. I mean like $ (number of counter)  ,  $650 etc ? I dindt see that feature, any custom css to do it easy?!.

And secondly a suggestion,

for your page builder, while adding items you need to have either one of those two things:

1. Sorted shortcodes by name
2. A quick search option, where i can type the name of the shortocde (which is best).

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    as you already wrote, this is counter and only number can be used inside. Script must count it and that`s why any other letters or symbols are not approved. This is technically not possible to do what you ask for. But if we can recommend something else instead if you want to get symbols, you can try Chart item that is visible on and inside you can use symbols.

    The second thing you ask for is not available at this moment but we`ll think about this possibility in the future. Thanks a lot for this suggestion.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • hey

    about the counter, is there any way with custom css or even custom html to paste in, i need it only for 4 counters? It doesent need to be via shortcode.

  • With css it is not possible because you want to show value. This must be done only with html but we don`t think this is good idea because if we`ll give you solution how to do it in the code, this will be applied for all counter items around page. And each counter will get the same symbol. That`s why we think this is not good idea. Probably you want symbol for one or two items but after modification in files, this will be applied for all, without any exception. This is just technically not possible to do it different way.
  • I am a bit disappointed with you'r answer, because i managed to do it by myself very easy.

    You can check it out how i manage to get it done   . The counters work perfect, the trick was using HTML code in the Content field to generate the output (while the other fields are emtpy). YOu should let the developers have a look at the code so it gives them maybe an idea how to add this feature with your current counter shortcode.

  • Wow we didn`t know that this could work this way. But as we see "Number" field is empty so it is probably not counting or it is? Can you send us url to your page where you did it so we can have a look from code how this looks like and work? Thanks in case!
  • Yes the counters work perfect! Needed to add a custom css class,  and adjust the font size so it looks good on responsive. Take a look
  • This is really amazing. We really didn`t know this could be done this way. Thanks a lot for explanation!

    We`ll think about something similar in future updates :)
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