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Need a login box on the home website. 

My site use WooCoomerce to sell subscription access for membership, so to access the exclusive content for members, they must log in. 

There as i provide a LOGIN directly on HOMAPAGE? 

Not on the menu but a login box? How?

Thanks for any tips.


  • Hey,

    all we have is Login Widget that can be setup in widgets sections. So in this case, you can setup this widget in "Widgetized Top Area" that is available on our demo above menu and logo (this arrow in right top corner). This is the only section we have for those kind of things.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • edited January 2015
    I too would like to display the login fields in the preheader near the social media icons. This is pretty important. No one is going to recognize that the tiny little icon in the top right corner is how they are meant to login to the site. I fully expected that there would be more options for the login in the header than what was shown in the demo, but unfortunately none of your many headers offers any other way to display the login and password field. As far as UI/UX decisions go, this is rather disappointing and not very forward thinking. You simply cannot hide the login on the home page like this and hope people are going to understand it. Consider this a feature request as this is a real deal breaker for using this theme.
  • @Fatbat We'll consider it but at this moment we have tons of other features that must be done first. Thanks for understanding!
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