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RTL issues for Arabic Language

Good day.

First of all i would like to thank and congratulate for such a wonderful theme and your quick support. Really appreciate it.
I have few issues for my Arabic version of website. English is perfect but have some issues with Arabic. Kindly help.

1-  1-   
In “Our team list” element it draws a line under
name automatically. For my Arabic website i want this right aligned. from where
i can set the direction?

  1. 2-  In News section there is a button of “Read More”
    from where i can translate to Arabic? and i also want to change the colour of
    button to any other colour?

3. I have a big issue in top menu. As you know in Arabic it is from RTL. Same way
have to do for menu as well. Home should be starting from Right side of the
menu but it is starting from Left side. I tried to play with menu arrangement
by changing the order of the buttons from top to bottom in Appearance>Menu
but it still starts from left side. How can i have the Home on right side and
so on?

4- Is there a way to have only Arabic button in English
website and English button in Arabic website? Instead of having a language
selector menu? Please advise.

5- How can i change the colour of text and icon on top
header bar above the menu? the colours are invisible here.

6- i can’t see the title of post on Arabic page whereas it
is visible in English post.

Appreciate your quick help once again.

Many thanks


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  • Hello,

    Thanks for your reply. Problem number 1 is solved.

    Problem Number 2, I think you didn't got it right. I want to change the colour of read more button and change read more text into Arabic. I hope this time it is clear.

    Problem Number 3, The menu is aligned right i agree but the thing is on right side we have the contact us in Arabic whereas Home should be starting from right side as per RTL. I hope this is clear. if you see the below picture, highlighted button is called HOME in arabic. It should be aligned to the right side (Starting from the right side of the header) and vise versa.

    Problem Number 4, I really appreciate if you could help putting only English and Arabic buttons in the header. This is causing big problem for me and client really wants that way. Appreciate it.

  • Hello,
    Good Day,

    I have managed to solve problem 3.
    Kindly help me fix problem 2 and 4.
    Really appreciate it. Client is chasing me for this.
    Please reply asap.
  • Hello,

    Problem 2 is solved as well but please help me fix problem 4.
    I tried a lot but couldn't fix it. Appreciate it.
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  • Hi friends....I have implement a website using Betheme in English...Can I make it in Arabic & what will be the way of doing ??

    Please help.

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  • Hi,

    Thank you for swift answering. From where will change the default langauge ?
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  • Hello friends,

    What I mean is that I want to have two languages in the website, Arabic & English. So is there a way to do that in Betheme?

    Thank you.
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  • Thank you very much...Start checking 
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