Muffin Login in Action Bar

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First I want to say I love your theme. I little complex to figure out sometimes, but very good.

I am working on a site that needs a login (name and password) in the action bar. I don't see anywhere where I can put the shortcode for it. How can I put this in the action bar, next to the social media icons?


Thank you!



  • Hi Eddie,

    we don`t have any shortcode for login. This item exist only as widget and you can put it in scroll widgetized top bar area (look at right top corner where is arrow and when you click it, then bar scroll from the top). This is the only possibility to put this widget into header. Also you can put text with link to login page in action bar. Those are 2 options to put login in header area.


    P.S. We removed login and password you sent above because this is public section and everyone see that what is not safe. We recommend to remove this account.
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