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Major Menu Bug On 5.0


I have a site (www.pointoviu.com/pt). I've just updated to 5.0 and the menu .current-page effect is gone from the menu (bar over current page menu item and both with theme color emphasis). You will see it load but, as you browse the page, it will go away.

Now, I did ctrl+U, on firefox, and noticed all code I put on Custom CSS field (theme options) was highlighted in read from <scrips> to </script>. I removed all the code from Custome CSS and the red highlight was gone, as that hole code was gone too. But the menu bug remained.

As we are talking about .current-page, confirm I can add the same effect to 2nd level menu items by adding this code: #Top_bar .menu > li ul li.current-menu-item  {color: #ff0000!important; }



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