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Header Removal While Keeping Action Bar?

Hello there,

I have removed header, logo and search button using following CSS code...

#Top_bar #logo { display: none !important; }
#Top_bar .menu > li.page-item-6 { display: none !important; }
 #Top_bar a#search_button { display: none; }

This seems to remove the whole header/action bar.

Can I remove just the menu and keep the action bar?



  • edited November 2014

    The follow custom CSS removes menu/header and allows action bar to remain.

    #Top_bar #logo { display: none !important; }
    #Top_bar { display: none !important; }
     #Top_bar a#search_button { display: none; }

    HOWEVER, I now have a new problem. The header image has moved up (due to lack of menu) and is hiding behind action bar.

    Need to know the class name for the header image so that I can add a padding.



  • Without url to website we are not able to say what could be the problem.
  • I just need to add padding to the header image... Please provide the css name for the header
  • Sorry but did you read our message above? Where is URL to your website?
  • The site is not live and is only in a local setup hence cannot give URL. Again please advise on the css name for the header.

    i.e. #Top_bar #logo controls the logo.

  • Sorry but without that we are not able to check what could be the problem. Please let us know when website will be online and only then we`ll be able to help.
  • Guys, comon...... its not rocket science! I am asking a reasonable question here, I expected a reasonable answer. I know the problem... I have removed top bar completely so therefore the next section down (header image) has jumped up the page. I simply need to know the css name for the header image as mentioned in my last comment.

    Just like the css name for logo is "#Top_bar #logo"

    That is all i need.

    Knowing the css name for the logo allow us to add padding to the logo, not display the logo (display none) etc....

    Just please let me know the css name for header image.

  • We think that you don`t know what you ask for... How can we know what this image is? How can we know how your code looks like? Maybe the problem is because of mistakes in html code? Or maybe 100 other things happen... And how can we know what exactly is wrong if we don`t see url? Please understand us that without url we can`t say how this can be done. We do not make magic and that`s why we need url.

    Thanks for understanding!
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