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Is there any way how we can order the blog items via the Muffin Builder Item Blog?



  • Hi,

    at this moment we don`t have option to order blog items but this is a great suggestion. We`ll think about it while future updates :)
  • Ok thank you very much, this would be perfect :-)

    At this moment is there a way how we can solve this simple via php?

  • We do not offer any php/html modifications because later you are not able to make theme updates and also we can`t be responsible for modified themes.

    So thank you for understanding!
  • Ok, then we're wating for the update :-)
  • Hi,

    I really do need the possibility to change the order of the articels to ascending. For "Portfolio" you have this option, for articels not (yet).

    I need it for my workshop announcements, the next workshop should be displayed first for my customers to see which one is next: 

    I tried to change the index.php but it had no effect. Please leave a suggestion (on my own risk) where I could change this right in the php files (via eMail also welcome).

    Really, this is an important core function for me...

    Thank you in advance!
  • @Bender1012 Sorry but unfortunately at this moment it is not possible at all. If you want you can have a look into functions/theme-shortcodes.php file and check if this can be modified there but we are not sure if even there it is possible. We'll think about this option while future updates anyway.
  • Thank you. I'll try that. It is really essential as the customer often just watch at the latest posts, i need them to see the posts announcing the workshops which coming next...

    Portfolio is not a good workaround while in portfoliogrid etc. Only viewed a picture and not a picture plus a short text...
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