I can't download a reported update....

I got an email (Image 1) saying that I have update for my BeTheme.  I click the link, go to (Image 2).  There is no "download button in a drop down menu" as is shown in a video I found on the site that explains how do download updates, and that was also expressed to me by an Envato Market help person, who said to come to you for help.  The screen (Image 2) has a login button, as if I'm not logged in, so when I press it, I get (Image 3), which stays up for only about 5 seconds.  It gives one the feeling that I am logged in.  Thinking this may be a different entity, and I need to setup another account, I try that.  Then I get (Image 4), which again indicates I really am logged in.  When I affirm that I am by clicking said button on (Image 4), I'm back on (Image 2).  I'm in an endless loop.  How do I get out?imageimageimageimage


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