substituting menus per device

I see that the secondary menu disappears on mobile devices. This is great because it can be distracting. But then the links go away. Is there a way to have the theme swap in a different main menu that can contain additional links for mobile devices? Thank you. 


  • Hi,

    please send us url to your website where you setup secondary menu and we`ll have a look and see if this is possible what you ask about.
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    Thank you. I'm using the Stack:Left menu option. 

    This is just a test site for now. I bought the theme in order to work with it to see if it's the one I want to use to build the site with. 
    When the screen shrinks, the secondary menu disappears. I actually like that the secondary menu disappears because in many other themes, the secondary menu becomes too important on cellphones, once the main menu shrinks into a dropdown. But once it disappears, I need a place to put all those links. 
  • Ok we see what you mean but we are still not sure where you would like to show this secondary menu. At this moment, we don`t have any option to show secondary menu on mobile devices but please make a screenshot and draw on image how you would like to have this menu on mobile and we`ll see if there is anything what we can do to help you.
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    Thank you, but I did not ask to show the secondary menu. I want to make a totally different primary menu, and only show the different primary menu on mobile devices. 
    So it would work like this: 

    Desktop and tablet: 
    Primary menu #1 shows
    Secondary menu shows

    Primary menu #2 shows in place of primary menu #1
    Secondary menu is hidden. 

    The Primary menu #2 would contain all the links in Primary menu #1, and the links in the Secondary menu as well. 

    This is because cellphone menus display as a list, so it's more logical for cellphone users to see one menu with the full list, and not have to deal with two menus. It's a better user experience for cellphone users. 
    Can this be done? Can we have two different primary menus that hide or show based on screen size? 
  • Ok we understand now but unfortunately this is not possible at this moment. We don`t have anything like that and we are not sure if this will be possible. We`ll think about this option in future updates but probably it won`t be possible to do it.

    Thanks for your suggestion anyway!
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    If we modify the PHP that displays the main menu, to make it display two menus, and then hide one of them via CSS that queries media screen size, would that not work? 
  • This won`t work because lot`s of javascript comes here as well, responsive and other stuff. That`s why it is not as easy as you think. Of course you can try to do as you wrote above but we are pretty sure this won`t work properly.
  • OK, thank you. 
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