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Menu Sidebar & Logo Background


Sent a message some weeks ago and still have not received a response.  

I have a few issues:

1. The page links on the mobile can't be seen so the colour needs altering in order to be visible.  

2. The background behind the logo should be dark as you can't see the logo as it needs to be on dark background. 

3. The sidebar links on the desktop are 'white' when you visit the page so you can't see the page text or the bg colour which should be orange with white text once you visit the page.

 The site is http://weroofemaustralia.com.au so could you take a look and get back to me so we can get these fixed.



  • Hi,

    if you sent message last week and did not get response, then probably you did it while we got some server problems and that's why it missed. We apologize for that and below we'll answer on your questions:

    1. Please deactivate minify because we need to check what happen.

    2. To make black background for logo on mobile, please use below css:
    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { #Top_bar .logo #logo { background: #000 !important; } }
    3. This is our mistake and we'll fix it with next update. But at this moment please use below css:

    .widget_mfn_menu ul li.current_page_item a { background-color: #FF7713; }
  • Hi

    Thanks for the response but none of these have made a difference and I have deactivated TotalCache3 Plugin.

    1.Still can't see the submenu on mobile iPhone5.
    2. No change to logo background (still white) Have refreshed as well.
    3. Side menu on desktop still shows white bg with no text visible on active page.

    I am using the child theme just to clarify as well.

    Hope we can get they fixed as the mobile looks bad not to mention you can't navigate?
  • 1. We asked to deactivate minifiy &Total Cache. Until you won't do that, we are not able to check the problem.

    2. We tested this code and it works. Probably the problem is with Cache plugin. If you will send us access to dashboard on pm we'll be able to check your panel.

    3. The same as point 2.
  • I deactivated W3Total Cache and nothing changed so I reactivated it.  I have again now deactivated it and will leave it that way until I hear back. This is becoming so frustrating and whilst I like many things about the theme there are many issues that is preventing me purchasing and using again.  I also do not like the jumping around the menu does on page transitions which makes it look not robust at all but at this point I just want the issues I have to be fixed.

    I am happy to provide access but can I pm you to do this.
  • To provide us details to wp dashboard, please click on Inbox > New message and in 1st field type our nickname as recipient but in second type message. Please attach link to this topic so we can know what should be checked.
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