Problem with theme installation


I have problems with the installation of the theme,

after activating the theme, I can not import the data correctly demo (Error in file import.php or timeout error)
Also I can not make any changes from the theme settings, click on Save but does not store the changes,

throughout the installation of wordpress slows dramatically

I tried it on different hosts and even local





  • Hi Nicola,

    all those problems means one thing - very limited server. In this case you should contact with hosting provider or if it is not possible, you should change hosting to something better. At this moment you are limited not only to max_timeout_connection or limited RAM but probably also to things like max_input_vars. All those values should be definitely increased.
  • thanks for the tip,
    I'm trying on the local,
    you have the same problems,
    you can tell me the reference parameters to configure those variables?
  • Because we are not server admins, we have no idea where exactly this should be changed. But from what we know this should be changed on apache side.
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