Stacking Items For Responsive Design

How can I stack items in the muffin builder so that they will appear in the correct place when viewed on mobile? You can see my issue at 

under the featured listings section.

Thank you for your help.


  • Please make a screenshot of what you mean because we have no idea what are you talking exactly.
  • I guess what I am asking is there a way to group elements in muffin builder so they will display in appropriate order when squished down. I want for the buttons to display under each picture when viewed on mobile.image


  • Ok we understand now what you mean but this can`t be done as you ask because this is how responsive works. Responsive always order items on mobile by row so it takes first boxes from 1st row and then buttons from second row. This is technically not possible to show it in other way from builder. And that`s why for situations like this one we did text shortcodes. What you can do is make each thing that you need in one column, so for example 1st box and button you put in 1/4 column shortcode and the same thing you do for the rest. And only then this will come in order as you ask for.

    Hope this will help you a lot :) Thanks for understanding!
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