Error not saving edits made in Muffin builder, Page options.

I've installed BeTheme, and i've imported the SEO page's and demo samples. Now i want to edit the text on it to replace it with my own, and after i press save and update and the webpage reloads, no change has been saved actually. the content is the same like i've never edited it.
Can you help me with this? 


  • Hi,

    it means that you have limit on max_input_vars variable on your server. Please increase default value to larger one, like 3000 or 5000. By default it is usually 1000.
  • thank you thank you thank you muffingroup!
    yes darn it, this was the issue and i couldnt save anything. one of the most strange errors i got so far.. by default it was 1000, but because of last week i got lots of reports about hackers scanning and trying to login to my server i had changed few settings in the WHMCS and this max_input_vars was one of them. 
    Ok now i can continue my work since this issue is addressed. 
    time to check the rest issues now.
    thank you again!
  • We're glad that we could be helpful :) Good to know that saving works fine.
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