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Make thumbnail (featured) images the same size?

I just switched to a Be theme and I'm trying to figure out how to get all the featured (thumbnail) images on the home page to show up in a uniform size. It's a blog; I'm using the Press theme. I've never seen a Wordpress theme before in which the thumbnails weren't automatically sized so that they showed up in a uniform manner on the homepage. 

I know there's the Force Regenerate widget, but I've tried that and the images are all still widely varying in size. 

For example, I have a blog slider, and all three of the images in it that appear on the homepage are different sizes. How can this be fixed without having to re-upload hundreds of pics? 



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  • I'm confused. Then what is the purpose of the Force Regenerate plugin? ... On my old Wordpress site, the images all showed up in a uniform way on homepage (as thumbnails) even if they were different sizes. So now I have hundreds or even thousands of posts that look weird on my Be theme (Press) page. There is really no way to make them all uniform? (Without manually resizing each, which would take forever.) Thank you! 
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  • Is there a way to make the ratio the same for all featured images? When "blog" and "blog slider" and "blog news" are all on the same page, the ratios for the featured images are different and it looks sloppy and strange. Thanks. 
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  • Do you offer refunds? Because I'm not sure how someone could use this theme as a news site with all those different ratios. It looks ridiculous. 
  • Actually, I've already spent hundreds of dollars paying someone to switch me over to your theme. Are you able to find a solution to this problem? Take a look at my site to see the problem. Even if all the blog slider images were the same size, when they get pushed down to the blog item, they would look wrong. 
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  • edited September 2016
    Sure. The blog sliders' thumbnails/featured images on the homepage show up as different sizes: 
    I'm confused about which photos are adjusted by the inputs here:
    It says it's for "blog." Does that mean "blog slider" and "blog news" and "blog"? Or just "blog"? ... And more critically, the ratios for "blog" and "blog slider" are different, so if I am able to make all thumbnails on "blog" show up correctly, it seems they will still be off for "blog slider" because they are not the same ratio. 
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  • I still don't know if changing that changes "blog slider" images on the homepage. I'm not using the revolution slider, just "blog slider." Can you clarify? Thanks.
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  • I'm helping Kris with her theme.  We deactivated and/or deleted all plugins that were messing up the image sizing.  Within BeTheme > Blog, Portfolio & Shop > Featured Image > Blog & Portfolio, we put in 382x354 for the image size we want. Can you take a look now and see why the smaller blog images (under "Education" "Development" "Crime" etc) have different heights?
  • Just resized BeTheme > Blog, Portfolio & Shop > Featured Image > Blog & Portfolio to 382x255. Thanks.
  • We figured it out.
  • This helped me too. I wanted to resize the thumbnails on the Muffin Blog element in Visual Composer, this was perfect. Thank you!
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