Automatically Updates BeTheme + Visual Comp + RevSLider


if i use the envato wordpress toolkit with option "install automatically" is then only updated the betheme or is the update for VisualComp + RevSlider + Layerslider included???



  • Hi,

    Envato Wordpress toolkit is deprecated and does not work anymore unfortunately.

  • Ok - thanks.
    And how can I automatically update the betheme and the plugins (RevSlider, VisualComp, Layerslider) ??


  • We are sorry but it is not possible to update theme or plugins automatically. Auto-updates are not good in our opinion and may bring more harm then good and this is the reason why we prefer manual updates. For more details about theme update please visit but the plugins can be updated from Appearance > Install plugins section after theme update (plugins are included into theme package).
  • This is a disappointment for us. We have clients that would want to handle theme updates themselves and this makes things a bit more complicated as we now need to manually download the update package and send it to them so they can update. You should check how updates are handled in Enfold theme. I see your point that it can bring trouble, but let clients decide if they want to use automatic updating or not.
  • @kunzi We don't want to give such option to client's because most of them has no idea about hosting services, internet connection, etc. We had auto-updates for a while and it was just more complicated than we thought. Lot's of customers uses very poor hosting services (we have even client's who uses hosting services for $1 what is just ridiculous). And when we had such feature, we had lot's of questions "HELP!!!! My site has broke after auto-update". Customers do not understand that it has nothing to theme itself and the problem is only between Envato servers where all files are located and user's hosting service and they simply do not understand when the problem between connection occur for example, something wrong might happen. They just simply don't understand and that's why this feature was removed long time ago because it just brought more harm than good. Also, when you use auto-updates you have no control on your site and you never knows when it would stop working. That's why manual updates are much better and safe.

    Please notice, there is no need to do updates if you don't want to. You can do the update for example once per month or even once per few months.
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