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onepage's Navigation is not scrolling to the right position

Hi there,

on my website the Navigation leads me always to the right postion but not when im clicking the second Item (what we do). The Sliding will stop 10PX before the aimed section will slide fully to the top and the navigation hover will jump to that navigation.

If you want to simulate my issue go to: http://elderbrook.urbanrelations.de/ and click on "what we do". It will scroll down but not to its destiny and the first Item on the navigation will stay marked. If i scroll down these 10px manualy the navigations hover will jump to its correct position! Im sure that hover works great but someting is wrong with the navigations scroll or the pages itself.

thank you


  • Hi,

    this is how this feature works. Header in top have different height then sticky header when you scroll down and that's why javascript is not able to calculate in which position should go exactly. But as we see, below css should help you in this case:
    .header-fixed #Top_bar { height: 60px; }
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