Be Medic Demo page

On Be Medic demo page I did the update for 2.5 version, would like to know if only the firts page are aveable as an example or the Be Medic links are also aveable for edditing ? whem we click on medication for example it returns to the top, does not link to any other page, It is the demo normal page or sould I complete any other command to have acces for a full demo Medic page? On the current situation it seams to me I can only edit and use as example the first page of enche example Theme. 


  • This happen just on demo to show possibility of adding links. And we add # instead of links. If you want to edit link for item, you need to click on "pencil" icon in right top corner on item and this allow you to edit item attributes.

    Hope this will help you :)
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