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Menu & Action Bar Issues

edited December 2014 in Theme support

loving the BEtheme, once understanding it a little it's so easy and comfortable! Thanks! My Website is nearly finished, a few things are still unclear, though searching the theme and this forum, I hope you could help me with these two questions.

I'm using the modern style menu, all updates done. The temporary adress for the site is http://rheinkult.de-web.biz/

1. At the right part of the Action Bar, above the regular menu is again a menu with the main links. Where can I get rid of those entries? The left part I do want to keep (Phone, eMail). For Details please check the below posted photo:


2) The entries of the regular menu dissapear in smaller windows and on smaller screens though the window would be wide enough to display the entries. Regulary it is not visible on mobile devices (f.e. iPad). To turn off the option of Menu | Responsive Button | Sticky seems to have no effect.

How/Where could I define the amount of pixel, when the menu should change? Is it possible to deactivate this function generelly?


Here would be enough space for the entries left, but they dissapear:


  • Hi,

    1. This looks like you activated menu for header section in right top corner. And this cane be removed in Appearance > Menus > Manage locations section.

    2. http://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/discussion/29/responsive-toggle-value
  • To the First Problem: I can't find a possibility to remove that. When I remove the Main Menu, then the menu is broken (the white one becomes wider, the black which appears one after scrolling down becomes narrow, with no space between the single menu items. Removing the "Social Menu Top" does only have effect on the small facebook "f" on Top. This appears after remoing it... (Wähle ein Menü means "Choose a menu").

  • Oh, found it! it was a checkbox at the bottom under the menu structure  in Appearence -> menu -> Edit

    "Position in theme" -> uncheck "Social Menu Top"

    Thank you for the the right hint!

    Problem 2 I'll do a trial and error.... Thank you also for that information, didn't find the discussion.


  • We're glad to hear that you found it :)
  • Hi,

    another problem appeared: when viewing the site on an iPad Air 2 the responsive menu stays open the whole time when holding the tablet upright. What could I do here?
  • As we see, you modified our responsive file which is different then our original and this is the reason of your problem.
  • edited December 2014
    Yes, i modified it as shown in an other thread to use the normal menu until the browser is less than a special width, because otherwise it changed long before neccesary.

    Why does this effect the responsive menu to be opened the whole time? How can i turn that off?
  • Please go back to previous (original) responsive file version and check if then works fine everything. If works ok, then please do those changes once again and make sure that you did not done any mistakes. Also please remove all your extra plugins because this could be the problem.
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