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Changing type sizes and customization

Good day! I have a few questions here. I am needing assistance in code adjustments to product information and cart process. 

The site I'm referring to is

1) - In the product image is the option to Pay Deposit. The font size has exceeded the boundaries of the box and wraps to a second line. Is it possible to adjust this so it is all on one line? I'm assuming it would affect the Pay in Full box as well, and I'm okay with that. 

2) - In the cart, the Total column, the price lists twice which we find quite redundant. How might we delete the second part, ie, "$1,397.50 total payable"? We would like it to only read the initial "$1,397.50. 

3) Referencing the same image in question #2, would it be possible to add a note under the Product where it says "Payment Plan..."? This would include shipping information and details according to the product (specific products). 

Thank you for your assistance. 


  • UPDATE: FYI, I was able to fix #1 above. Still need assistance with #2 and #3. Thank you!
  • UPDATE: Another issue popped up. We have the WooCommerce Deposits extension plugin installed on the site. It's working beautifully on desktop, iPad, and larger Android devices. But on mobile phones the "Pay Deposit" and "Pay in Full" options completely disappear. There is visible space for it, but it is not visible. Part of me feels this could be a scaling issue within the page format on mobile devices? BTW, I've checked this on iPhone 6 (iOS 10.1.1), Android phones (multiple; OS 4 thru 5), and iPod (iOS 9.*). Please help, if possible. I do have a help ticket in to WooCommerce, but their tech support is horrible and they've not answered one of my questions in the past. :-/ You guys have been wonderful! Thank you!
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  • Thank you for your response and your assistance!

    Re: #2) On the product page next to pricing, select "Pay Deposit" instead of Pay in Full, then Add to Cart.

    Re: #3) Have sent support ticket to WooCommerce (yesterday) but still have not heard back from them. Thank you, still. :-) 

    Re: other issue (viewing on mobile device), I tested it as you suggested by using the WP Twenty Sixteen theme and the plugin showed correctly on the mobile device! But when I switched back to BeTheme it disappeared. :-/ 

    WP 2016 Theme screenshots: 
    iPhone: -- Plugin options of "Pay Deposit" and "Pay in Full" buttons show.

    BeTheme screenshots: 
    iPhone: - Plugin options do not show yet it shows the space for it. 

  • BeTheme/Android screenshot link correction:
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  • I didn't realize you had replied! THANK YOU!!! That was exactly it. SO SO SO appreciated!!! :-D

    Have a wonderful day!

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  • hello, i've a problem with configuration of the plugin deposit woocommerce with my betheme
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