Be Baker demo installation. Missing settings

Hello. I've tried to make my page look like the BeBaker theme. I've installed the Baker theme demo in the backend with the one click solution. After that i have to fix some little issues. For example the header background and padding on all pages that don't contain the Revolution-slider where wrong. so i turned on the minimal header to fix that.

But my problem is, that there are lot of little bows on the bottom of the header in the Demo. On my page, this little bows are missing and the header bottom is cutted straight. So i've tried to add that bows (the image exists) but i cant attach it on the bottom side of the header. Please help me to fix that issue. I have tried it several hours, but can't fix that problem.
The bottom bows are integrated in the pages backgroundimage, the top bows are (i think so) attached at the end of the header. and this bows are missing.

Any suggestions to add this little bows in BeBaker theme?
And is this normal, that when i install a BeTheme Demo, that i have to fix some little issues (missing things/ wrong settings) by myself?

I really hope, that you can help me fix this problem.

best regards


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