Our Team List - Display Email Address

edited November 2016 in BeBuilder
Is there was a way to make email address display like the phone #, like actually written out "[email protected]" under the phone #? This is using the "Our Team List" Item in the muffin builder. Instead of just showing the envelope icon as shown below?


  • Hi,

    this requires files customization unfortunately.

  • Wait really?
    I need to customize files just to make it display the email address?
  • Yes, really. You are simply asking us to modify Our team item, right? So how else you want to replace existing icon with address other then modifying theme files?
  • I figured it out, I just figured that shouldn't have to be the case, no need to be aggressive.
    Maybe you guys could add that as option at least for email not for social media as buttons for those make sense but sometimes people need the email address just to copy and paste.
  • Sorry if we offend you somehow but we had nothing wrong in mind. We just wanted to explain how it works an why files customization are necessary.

    Anyway, yes, we may consider it when we will get more requests about it and when we finish features and fixes that currently await in queue. Please understand that we can not add any feature you just want because lot’s of users uses poor hosting services and more options/features means higher server requirements. So if we will do necessary tests and decide that it does not charge server resources to much, then we will consider adding it of course.
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