Are Search Results configurable?

When using the search function, it brings up blog posts that contain the word, and it has brought up testimonials as well, however it won't recognize text that is inside of any of the Muffin Builder modules.  So I am using the "column" module in Muffin Builder for the majority of the text on the site, as well as some tab modules and the faq dropdown module and the search feature won't recognize any of the content within these modules.  Is there any way to fix this?



  • Hey,

    content inside Muffin Builder can`t be recognized, because search functions looks in database where muffin builder is encoded. If you want search to see this function, you need to copy content from muffin builder into wordpress default editor (for that we created button which is in wordpress editor and is called "Builder >> SEO") and you can hide content for this section. Using this option, whole content from muffin builder will be visible for search and other tools that look for content inside database.

    Thanks for understanding!
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