OnePage with Parallax - some questions

Hi there, 

using Be for another client. Really like the theme that why I brought three times. ;-) 

For my new client I use BeTheme as a Onepage with Parallax. The page is 

I have several questions: 

1. In the Onepage demo is the revolution slider. For my Revolution slider I need 6 words to rotate. Who knows who can I do that. 
2. I have also 4 Parallax Pictures. I need to rotate also 6 words to rotate for each Parallax Picture. 

3: I am using vertical tabs. Is it possible to insert icons in the Tab-Title? And how can I do that? 
4. Using Column. Is it possible to put in a little icon? 
5. I want a special Heading. Please have a look. 
6. Is it possible to use Horizontal Tabs without border? And how? 
7. Wanna use mini icons at the top using List-Muffin Builder. How can I do that? 
8. How to link the menu in a one section way? 
9. I have two images in the Onepage. I wanna link them to special section. Look at the picture: 
left image should be link to "Für Ihr Unternehmen" and the right one should be link to "Für Sie persönlich". How can I do that? 

Here you can see what I mean: 

Thank you very much for help! 


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