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The Events Calendar

I just converted a site to Betheme and it went very smoothly. I'm in the process of cleaning it up, but one thing has me stumped.

We use this plugin:
The Events Calendar

On other themes it displays correctly, but on Betheme the full calendar doesn't show, only a single entry that does have any information. Any help would be most appreciated.


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  • Thanks for your reply
    If you follow the link, all of the screenshots are on the right. It should look like the first one.
    The Events Calendar

    I didn't add the calendar to any page, it creates it's own "Event" link. It should display a standard page with a calendar and no sidebar.
    All settings are in the "Event" tab in Admin on the side or on the top bar.
    I will send login info by PM.

    Have a good weekend.
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  • It looks perfect. Even better than before. Thanks so much.

    I just noticed that the icons don't display on the search field (header) and the Call to Action banner:
    On FF it has the broken image symbol. Where are these icons stored?

    Thanks again for the quick fix.
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  • Very helpful. I had a ticket opened with the host and even though they ran it all the way to the top of tech support, they were unable to find the issue. I have passed this info on to them.

    Thanks for your help. I'm having a lot of fun with your theme.

    BTW everything worked perfectly on Chrome so they had a hard time blaming your theme.

    Thanks again for great work.
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  • Right again. I moved the site from Arvixe hosting and all the issues disappeared without any changes to anything. I also found out that even though I ordered Linux hosting, they put me on a Windows server.

    Then they tried to blame it on the code:
    "The error you have
    presented in regards to Cross-Origin is a security feature of the
    browser which is blocking what it sees as a possible threat to it."

    I explained that their server is the only one (Windows and Linux) where the site doesn't display properly. I also had to explain that I could not ask all visitors to change their security settings.

    I'm in the process of moving all sites off of their servers.

    BTW I'm even more impressed with BeTheme now that it displays the way it should. Your support is far better than any I have experienced before.

    Thanks for the Calendar help and the info needed to get my sites to safer ground.
  • The latetest from Arvixet:

    "The staff member identifying the account as IIS based was a mistake, it has always been Linux/Apache based."

    Too late. I'm in the process of moving now. :)
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