Muffin Builder not displaying

just upgraded to your latest version and I now all the options of the Appearance > BeTheme Options sections are blank. I had updated wordpress previous to the theme upgrade.

Also, the menu used to sit flush from the logo and now it is misaligned.

Can you assist?

Thank you :)


  • Hi,

    there is 3 possible reasons why Muffin Options might be empty on load (blank):

    - PHP version - Wordpress, since version 4.5, requires minimum PHP 5.6. So if your version is older than 5.6, you need to contact with your admin/hosting provider because it need to be updated.
    - Memory Limit - the more plugins you have enabled, the more resources your WordPress instance will consume. So if this is happening, you need to contact with your admin/hosting provider to increase this limit.
    - Suhosin extension - if it’s installed on your server, it could bring the issues as well because the limits for Suhosin are usually different from the general one.

    If you don’t know what your limit/PHP version is, you can check both under Appearance > System Status section.

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