Upgrading to Wordpress 4.7 lost all betheme options in one install of multisite

I have updated and upgraded to Wordpress 4.7 with betheme installed on several websites. This was the last one that I had to update and once I upgraded to Wordpress 4.7 I lost all the betheme options. 

Here is the live site: https://www.amestools.com/

Here is the staging site after update: https://ames.staging.wpengine.com/

In the betheme options everything is reset back to default settings. No extra sidebars, no colors, no logos, no header or footer settings. Default. I have never seen this happen. 

The weird thing is this is one of two installs on a multisite and the other install seems fine. Any ideas?


  • Hi,

    this is very weird but to be honest, we have no idea what might happen as we do not have any option like "auto reset" included and if something has reset, it should be stored in server logs so would be great if you can ask your admin if he can check these logs.

    BTW We did update to 4.7 on many instances and we did not lost any settings on any of them.

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