Front Page does not display part of items in Muffin Builder

I started to build out this site however Im not sure what I did but now The muffin builder is only displaying some of the content, mainly towards the bottom. The rest of it comes up as blank space. Please help, this was working fine and as I started to edit some of the text inside some of the columns it went blank.


  • Update* 
    As i move some of the items and sections around, some become visible and others disappear? someone help!
  • Hey,

    we are not sure if this is the reason yet but you should start from fixing html bugs. Please open your website in Firefox html mode (CTRL+U), find bugs and fix them. Anticipating your question, yes, those errors are not associated with theme and were made by you or one of your extra plugins.

    Also, please go to theme folder, create php file with phpinfo() function inside and send us link to that file so we can have a look on your server settings.
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