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Yep, it's a plugin. And, yup, I've also sent a support request to them as well.

Here's the url that comes out when I get done putting all the stores into Yoast's Local SEO plugin.

Now, I guess there's kinda two questions here.  Why do I have to have the word /blog/ in the middle of that url?  And second, click that url and look at the results.  Shouldn't there be some more info displayed in there?  Yoast's Local SEO makes you fill out tons, and tons, and tons of info for your business.  Yet it displays ....(basically) nothing?  

LIke I said, I'm still waiting for a reply from their support folks as well, but I thought I'd come over here and inquire as well.  Thanks! -Brad


  • 1. Blog word is necessary for wordpress. Without that blog page won't work properly because wordpress will not recognize which page is responsible for posts.

    2. What informations should be displayed? Please show us example of what you mean.
  • Here's the response from Team Yoast:
    Hi Brad,

    Thanks for your email. This just means the archive template for BejTheme is a basic layout. You can create a custom location template as described in this KB: Template files for Local SEO

    Kind regards,

    Angelia Embler
    Support Engineer at Yoast

    So, I'm gonna pretend I know how to code, and see if I can give this a whirl.
  • Well, that definitely did NOT work. HA! That's what happens when Brad tries to 'code'!!!

    I opened up notepad++, copy / pasted the content just like it said, saved the files with the filename mentioned, then put 'em back into the root of the theme.  <----Nothing :-(  Any idea as to why? Thanks!
  • Ok, above explanation was enough for us and we understand what is this now. But unfortunately we are not able to help in this case because this explanation is only for your purposes. We can't add this to our theme because this will overwrite default theme template and break all current users websites.

    Thanks for understanding!
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