Adding a Button on the Top Right Section of the Menu

I wanted to add an Icon, or text to the top right menu where the search bar is. How can I accomplish this? It would be a book now button, or text.


  • Hey,

    you can do it in includes/header-top-area.php file. In the place where search and wpml button are, you need to add below html:
    <div class="book-now-button">
        <a target="_blank" href="" class="button  button_theme button_js"><span  class="button_label">Book now</span></a>
    and after you need to play with css as well for this section. Below css will help you with that:
    .top_bar_right_wrapper > { display: block; float: left; margin-left: 10px; position: relative; top: 24px; }
    Additional css should be always posted in Theme options > Layout > Custom CSS section.
  • Sweet. I will try this and report back. Thanks for the quick response
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