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How to copy and paste muffin Builder content from one page to another and not lose original content

I am trying to copy muffin builder content to another page, but when I Export > Import, all the origianl content desapears :/


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  • edited December 2014
    I think I understand the problem, because I do have the same. If I try to Export single Elements (Items or complete sections) to copy elements between pages, it always exports everything from muffin builder. So far, so good, I could easily delete the not-needed elements in the new page. But: If I try to import the Elements into a new page, the old elements in that page are overwritten by the imported content. If there was an option to just ADD the imported content instead of Overwrite the old one, this would be great!

    My Task: To copy single pricing items from a page into a already created (and filled) article. It would be so much easier if I didn't need to create the same pricing items in the article manually...
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  • I have the same problem like Bender1012. I need to duplicate single site elements from one page to another.

    Have you already impemented the functionality? How far down the featurelist is it right now?

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  • We keep waiting..... Thx
  • I have the same problem. It would be great to have this feature
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  • This sounds like a great option! I need this one too!
  • edited July 2015
    Did you implement the copy/clone single item functionality? I have installed the latest BeTheme update, but I cannot find an option to do this (e.g. copy or clone a single section (item) like 'Opening Hours' from one page to another). Thanks!
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  • OK, that's a pity. Thanks for the quick reply.
  • Hi Did you finally manage to implement this into the theme, if so can you explain where ity is please?
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  • So did this ever happen, to just copy a button to 50 pages is a real pain in the ass. Visual composer does this easy so I'm sure it is doable?
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  • I will be creating a section/item that will be repeated on some 200 pages. It would be convenient to be able to copy an item I have customized with all the buttons etc. or maybe just create a shortcode for that item that can be placed on the pages where I will use it, or maybe create a custom item I can save and insert where I need. tnx.
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  • Same issue as above. Visual Composer allows me to copy one section or row from one page to another. However, Muffin builder does not allow me to copy code from one page and then copy code from another into the same page without it deleting all of the code. I'm looking to take different elements from different themes/templates/pages to build a page design, however it is proving difficult.  
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  • Hi,
    Are you guys considering or working to implement this feature?
    It would be a big plus.

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  • Ok, thanks for your reply.
  • If before buy your theme I know - I cant past some object in my existing pages, I never buy. This is absolutely unsuitable in real projects, where you need to change pages massively. Very sad.
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  • I remember that when I started using this theme, like 3 years ago, I could make a website on a test server and when ready export everything to the final server. Now I can't do that because the content made on muffin builder just dissappears on the imported version.

    How is that? am I doing something differently or wrong?
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  • As long as I cant copy one section or row or another element from one page to another, your themes are pretty useless for my work. Wont buy again. Like DesignBoy says: a real pain in the ass. Very annoying.
  • how to copy one block from page and paste to another?
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