We are currently using BeTheme 2.6.1 and BeTheme Child 1 on WordPress 3.9. It is
working correctly in all newer browsers accept IE9. It does not
display some of the dynamic modules when scrolling down the home
When we turn off the animations, it seems to display correctly. We tested your demo page of the theme in IE9, the same problems were
occurring. Do you have a fix for this? Thank you in advance for the help! Phil

You can see the problems by viewing our site here:


  • But fix for what exactly? Animations in IE9? Because we already checked animations in IE9 on our demo and all works fine.
  • I just tested your site again ... and again ... it doesn't display correctly in IE9. 

    Any place that there is an animation turned on is blank. Here is a link to a screen shot of what I (and others I've shown) am seeing. Obviously it's missing two sections of "stuff" that were animated.

    Thanks for the help. 

  • Ok, we see now what is wrong. We added entrance effect on scroll that are not compatible with IE9 at all and we didn`t mentioned it. We already solved this issue and this will be fixed with next update. But if you want to fix it now, please go to js/scripts.js file and in place where document.ready is, please add below code:
    /* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
     * IE fixes
     * --------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
    function checkIE(){
        // IE 9
        var ua = window.navigator.userAgent;
        var msie = ua.indexOf("MSIE ");
        if( msie > 0 && parseInt(ua.substring(msie + 5, ua.indexOf(".", msie))) == 9 ){
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