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Hi there,

Just wondering if it is possible to have the button appear below the text in the trailer box. Currently the button sits above the text. If you could let me know where to edit this code, that would be great.



  • Hi,

    builder items are builder items and shouldn`t be modified. What we recommend to do is use Trailer box as raw/text shortcode and under that item you can also use button as raw/text shortcode. This is the best solution for what you need and hope will help you.
  • Thanks for that, I'll see if I can make that work. If I wanted edit the builder item to permanently change the way it works, is this easy enough to find and do? 

    I need to use the trailer boxes in the configuration I've described quite a lot throughout the site and it seems a bit tedious having to use a workaround each time - I'd prefer to use your lovely builder!

  • If you want to modify muffin builder item, then you need to modify functions/theme-shortcodes.php file. Inside you need to find code for "Trailer box" item for your needs. So probably in your case, you need to move button under box in the code. It shouldn`t be hard to do it :)
  • Perfect thanks for that. Once I've got my squashed retina logo issue sorted I'll rate this 5 stars. Nice quick support and the theme builder is really nice to use.

  • You're welcome ;)

    BTW We already replied on your question with logo but as we wrote we are not sure if this code will be fine because for each case this code could be different.
  • Yep logo fixed. I shared the solution in that thread so maybe you guys can include the css change in a future update or update your docs to address the retina logo issue for portrait oriented logos.

  • Thanks! We`ll think about it in future updates :)
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