Bluehost requires me to upgrade Revolution Slider to version 4.6.5 or it will be disabled

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Based on information from bluehost and themepunch - please provide us an update for Revolution Slider (4.6.5) to prevent bluehost from taking down our sliders.


  • Hi,

    revolution slider 4.6.5 version is included into theme. To get this version download latest package where this slider is.

    BTW Your provider probably mean this one which is not true because all versions above 4.2 are safe. This has been tested many times by many users and hackers but probably this is what Sucuri call marketing to sell their services. You can be sure that inside 4.6.5 you won't find any fixes because this has been fixed long time ago.
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    This is the email I recieved:

    Slider Revolution Premium Plugin has released a new verison 4.6.5 for their
    plugin.  A recent hack has been found in older versions of this plugin
    that allows an attacker to download any file from your hosting account, such as
    the configuration file containing the database passwords. Once the attacker has
    this information the attacker can comprise your website via the database.

    This vulnerability is being exploited currently which is causing numerous
    domains to become blacklisted by Google.  For additional details please
    refer to this link

    Your account was found to have the Slider Revolution Premium Plugin. Due to the
    vulnerability this creates to your website and our servers we strongly
    recommend that you upgrade this plugin to the most recent version 4.6.5. We
    also strongly recommend that you update all of your plugins and themes as the Slider
    Revolution Plugin is included in a number of other themes and plugins. It is
    strongly recommend you update your WordPress installation(s) to the most
    current version at this time as well.

    ** If the Slider Revolution Premium Plugin is not updated by 28 December 2014
    we will be forced to disable the plugin in order to protect our servers from
    being blacklisted. **

    The easiest way to resolve this is to log into your WordPress admin control
    panel and click on Plugins (located on the left panel). Scroll down and find
    Slider Revolution Plugin in the list, the version number will be listed in the
    description. If a WordPress plugin update is available, it will be shown on the
    Dashboard Panel, an alert on the Plugin's menu title, and on the Plugin List. 
    You can also refer to our Knowledge Base article https://my.bluehost/hosting/help/emergency-wordpress-plugin-update-slider-revolution
    for directions on updating the plugin.

    For more information please visit:

    Bluehost Support

    For support go to

    Toll-Free: (888) 401-4678

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    This is funny that more and more people believe Sucuri :) This company is doing great "black marketing" for ThemePunch because they want to sell of services. And really, if companies like BlueHost believe in it, they should change people that stay behind such a big company.

    But if you really want this version, then please send us request via contact form which is in right bottom corner on our profile's page.

    P.S. We do not care what sucuri write at all. You will see that Karma for this company will be back to them stronger in the long run as we do not appreciate this kind of business. You can trust us or not but we tried their service in the past and we can say that they really su**.

    Thanks for understanding!
  • Thanks for the reply. At the end of the day, we just don't want our website to be shut down. I can't find the contact form that you refer to, can you provide more direction? I would like the update for version 4.6.5 to err on the safe side.
  • At in right bottom corner you have contact form (of course you must be logged in).
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