Cannot Activate Theme

Hello! @muffingroup

I am getting the white screen of death when I attempt to activate/preview your theme.   

I've confirmed that the white screen is not due to the core WP install (Twenty Fourteen works fine) and that it is not due to plugins (I have deactivated every single one).   I've uploaded a fresh, unedited version of BeTheme.  From the themes panel, "Live Preview" shows nothing but a white screen, and "Activate" takes the site down entirely. 

I just moved my site, so I am curious if this is a specific issue related to moving your theme.  The theme was active when I moved it, showing a white screen immediately.  I reverted the active theme to Twenty Fourteen within the database and that's where I stand.   

Thoughts on this?  How can I troubleshoot your theme? 


  • I should add: I'm increased the php memory_limit to 128M.  I've also run a serialized Search & Replace on the db. 
  • Hi,

    unfortunately we have no idea what you did and what happen. We can only guarantee that this is not theme issue. Something else must happen on your side but we have no idea what exactly. Try to deactivate/remove all plugins or also check server settings. And please do not compare this theme with default theme which even does now have 1% of BeTheme possibilities.

    Thanks for understanding!
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