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I have been receiving emails saying that there is an updated version available of the BeTheme template but when I go to download the newest version it seems that the file is still the exact same as the original version I downloaded to begin with.  I can't seem to find the updated version to download.  The option that it gives me on my download page is only allowing me to get the original not the update.  Please advise.  Thanks.


  • Hi,

    please take a look into documentation http://themes.muffingroup.com/betheme/documentation/#installation where we explained how to update theme.

  • This does not help at all.  What I said was that the actual download of the supposedly "updated" version of the theme is not downloading for me.  When it says update available and I try and download the updated version it downloads the original version.  I've asked Evato for help but they said to ask you why it's not downloading the updated version.  I just need to be able to actually download the latest version.  I know how to install the update but i need to be able to download it first.  Please help
  • May we see this message from Envato? We are going to report it because it's ridiculous that someone is telling you such nonsense. How can we have an impact on Envato's downloads? All files are being kept directly on Envato's servers and this has completely nothing to theme's authors. There was a problem with a download in the past several times but as we can see, now everything is fine because hundreds of users already downloaded latest 16.5 version and already using it without any problems.
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    Please download and read our email conversation [...]

    I just need to know why it's not allowing me to download the updated version.  If you can send me the updated version or create a file and share the link that'd be great.  I'm getting quite frustrated with this.

  • Ok, thanks. We have read this message and didn't found any information that it's our fault or it's something on our end. However, we are going to re-send this message to Envato elite because it's goind to be ridiculous to push such requests on us. Please understand that we have nothing to do with the servers where all files are hosted. For those servers is responsible Envato only and their extra Amazon where they host all files. So if you are unable to download latest version and they don't want to help you, there is nothing we can do about that because this is the only place where from files can be downloaded. The only thing we may suggest is to try download files on different computer because we have no idea why Envato blocked latest version for you.
  • can you at least tell me what the latest version of the betheme file should read?  So that I make sure when I am able to download it that i have the correct file name?
  • Latest version of BeTheme is 16.5 and you can find its version number under Appearance > Muffin Options on the left just under main categories. But for complete changelog, please follow http://themes.muffingroup.com/betheme/documentation/changelog.html
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