Remove lines element

Hi, may I know how to remove / hide the lines element at the background that visible on product pages? You can see the element located between the menu and the product as a background. You may refer to below pages 

Also, if you look at the Size Chart at the single product page, the certain boxes have in grey colour. May I know if you're able to assist on this?

I'm not sure if this related to the Contact Form 7, which the Mobile Number field also in dark grey colour. Please have a look at this page

Thank you.


  • Hi,

    to remove shop filters background, you need to use custom css:
    .shop-filters { background: none !important; }
    But we do not understand the 2nd question. Where do you have Size Chart and what wrong you did noticed?
  • Thanks for the shop filter background solution. But it still not apply to single product page

    For the second question, if you go to this page, in the Size Chart table, the boxes for the word Bust, Armhole and Length of Top are on dark grey. I would like to remove that to make similar as other boxes (no grey colour).

    Beside that, if you go to, at the Contact form, Mobile Number word is black while others (Name, Email, Subject & Message) are in light gray. I would like to change the colour of Mobile Number from black to the same colour as other word.

    Thank you. 
  • If it does not work on single product page, please try below css instead:
    .post-nav { background-image: none !important; }
    We found this table and to remove this grey background, please use:
    .phoen-wcpsc-product-table tr td:first-child, .phoen-wcpsc-product-table tr:first-child td { background: none !important; }
    About bolder text in one of your contact form fields, please disable all extra plugins (including cache) but if this won't help, please check the part of code responsible for the form if all tags are opened/closed properly.
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