Social media icons In top right row are no longer showing up in Firefox or Pale Moon

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Social media icons from top right row are no longer showing up in Firefox or Pale Moon.

Social media icons are no longer showing up in upper right hand corner,
set from Appeareance>BeTheme Options>Social Icons>. I have a
twitter, pinterest and instagram set up, with correct urls, pointing to
the companies, individual social media pages, that I am developing this
website for.

I noticed this happened after updating the theme to
BeTheme 5.7 version. I do not knowe if this is a propagation issue on
Mozillas end (It's been over 12 hours now) or an issue with my broweser
settings in Firefox and Pale Moon.

I did clear individual
cookies in options (Just to make sure.) No difference... The social
media icons show up fine in every other web browser (Google Chrome, IE,
and Opera). Just not Pale Moon (Which is a modified version of firefox)
or firefox 34.0.5. Any way to rectify this issue? Thanks. (Website URL to check it out for yourself, or you can inbox me if you need to get into my wp admin panel for any reason thanks.)

Pic showing website in firefox without social media icons showing up in top right corner (After updating betheme to Version 5.7)

Heres a pic in Google Chrome with social media icons showing up properly in top right hand cover.


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