Layer Slider Problem (Urgent)

I need your help with the Be Theme and Layer Slider in my website.
  • If I not install the Layer Slider, there will be a [layerslider=11 not found] message in my website front page. If I install it, there will be another error message (capture.png below).
  • Unable to use the Revo Slider. After I select it from page option and pressed the update button, the revo slider in the page option return to <select> value.
  • Unable to install askimet and jetpack plugin. It show another error message <captured 3.png below>.
Please help. Sorry for bad English, still working on it. Thanks.



  • Hi,

    looks like something is wrong with your wordpress installation. We recommend to remove whole current wordpress and install it again on fresh database but if this won't help, then we recommend to change hosting because those problems are definitely not related with theme. You can switch to default theme and you will see that you also won't be able to do things like plugins install.

    Thanks for understanding!
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