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I'm having difficulty getting my full menu to display instead of the responsive  above 768  i.e. on tablets.  I don't want the responsive menu to show I would rather the full menu.   I appreciate the number of menu links and orientation of the device will play  a role here.  

For example: 
I wish for the breakpoint below < 768  to show responsive menu on both orentations

For > 768 to show full menu on 768 x 1024  or 1024 x 768 : 

This theme even shows responsive menu at 980 x 1280 on portrait  - 
only the first full menu only shows at 980x1280 landscape 

how can I achieve the  above format for the breakpoints to occur correctly.

I have enabled decrease font size automatically for responsive but this doesn't work for the menu items, this might help achieve this goal.

If this is not possible from within the options please highlight the responsive css files containing the breakpoints I need to alter -  

Many thanks


  • Hi,

    to display regular menu on mobile devices, you need to decrease Initial Width value under Theme options > Responsive > Header > Menu section.
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    hi Thanks

    I have done that, whilst it works for showing the menu ok using the modern header it quite often drops to the next line.   Playing around with the font sizes in the main menu helps somewhat however  that means having smaller than desired font sizes on larger resolutions.

    I notice the fonts size are displayed as px rather that % - would this not better as % so that its relative to the containing element size.  thereby avoiding such issues.

    Can you confirm what elements are reduced when enabling decrease font size option- does it alter the main menu or just the content? 

    what files do i need to edit to adjust the font sizes at the various break points?

  • This option has an impact on most fonts: Content, Main Menu link, Action Button, Page Title or h1-h6. These fonts are being reduced percentage under style.php file and the following part of code is responsible for this:
    // Tablet (Landscape) ------------------------- 768 - 959
    $multiplier = 0.85;

  • Great Many Thanks
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