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Be-Theme. Problem with full-width background.

Hello there!

i can't find the solve of my problem.

I need to create section with background picture which must be adjust with the width of the screen (because if picture goes wider, the "concept" of design will destruct).

In this section I need create text block 2/3, and image slider in 1/3. If I create text block it goes start in left up corner ;(

What i need to do for fix width with screen width and make full width image on background, because now I have only boxed picture when all parameters set to full width.

BUT Demo pages works correctly. 

What I do wrong? 

Sorry if this question is repeat, but I can't find my case.


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  • Sorry, didn't get right for first time configuration layouts) 

    Could you give me a hint, can I change in menu navigation selector? I need bordered line selector.
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  • image

    I need to do this navigation selector =)

    Sorry for my bad english.

    1. For adding text fields i need to add only column and paste text in it, right? How can I change css for this column?
    2. I can't find Be:Developer Demo in xmls which I downloaded zip.
    3. How to add H1 title on section and align it on left side?
    4. Can I create grid of images 3x6 with hovers i need? I've got Intense Wordpress Plugin where I want to get hover effects from. 

    Can I get css classes from muffin builder sections and items and customise it in custom css field?

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  • I can't apply custom css which i've create.

    In Theme options->Layout->Custom CSS I wrote this

    .width100 {width:100%;}

    Then i've add class width100 in field Custom Css Classes in section where is my background is. No reaction ;(

    What I do wrong?
  • Can I get automatically popup contact shortcode open when user scroll down page after first section?

    It means when user scroll down 1st section, the popup contact shortcode will opens automatically? It will be very usefull because button in right down corner is not "good visible".
  • Thank you! I solve my problem with hovers use shortcodes and configure some css.

    Can you please tell me, what i need to do for menu style appear my own css menu style? I've got there only Highlights and Default. 

    BTW Custom css I solve too ;)  But I can't appear color of icon. And how to use another icons? I thought that it could be tons of icons ;(
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  • There are not much icons!)) I can't do heading with icons in 1 line using my shortcode intense (there about 1k icons), btw I want animate it (icon befor heading) for static aniamtion (it's in shortcode intese feature). I try to use shortcode for icon in icon box, but no results ;( Only 1 way to save in png and make its in high resolution (for retina) and use by images.

    BTW how to make custom skin in layout? I want to use brandbook color. 

    Very nice theme! But only 1 call to action makes me sad ;(

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