Issue showing webpage video on Firefox (Chrome and IE are fine)

I am having issues on this page,

The video is showing up oddly on Firefox but in other browsers (even IE) it appears fine. How would I fix this for Firefox?

[divider height="30"]
[video width="800" height="450" loop="yes"


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    To show, problem is reproduced on Laptop and Desktop, Windows 7, various resolutions. Firefox can't render correctly. Please help.

  • We have checked your website in Firefox and everything is fine. Please explain what is oddly in your opinion because we really have no idea. also we do not see anything wrong on screenshots above.
  • I fixed it myself already. I found out the issue was chrome/IE auto adjusted the video to 530X298 for me, I accidentally assumed it was 800X450 because it said that in the code. Firefox did not auto adjust and render it as is.

    The screenshot clearly shows the video chopped in the Firefox.

    It doesn't matter anymore, It's been fixed.
  • Ok then. Thanks for the information! :)
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